Nucleus of a Task

Like an atom is decomposed into Protons, Neutrons and Electrons, similarly a smallest possible task can be split into 4 set of eccentric circles i.e. Time, Quality, Cost and Joy. While the polarity of Time, Quality and Cost circles is from In to Out, the reverse polarity of Joy circle, Out to In, provides the basic meaning to a mission and thus stability to a task. The inventor of this simple concept Adesh Jain has made over 210 presentations all over the world with over 20000 people exposed to the concept.
The inter-dependence and connectivity of various tasks constitutes a Mission. A project can be divided into a number of inter-connected tasks. In today’s context, project implies ‘Mission’ and management implies its efficient and effective ‘Accomplishment’. This is a much broader definition of project management.
Nucleus of Task
ST – Start Time
RT – Response Time
IFT – Ideal Finish Time

Times Circles

Assorted Thoughts - Times Circles

PQ – Personal Quality
GQ – Group Quality
TQ – Total Quality

Quality Circles

Assorted Thoughts - Quality Circles

C – Cost
P – Price
VFM – Value for Money

Cost Circles

Assorted Thoughts - Cost Circles

CJ – Customer Joy
TJ – Team Joy
SJ – Self Joy

Joy Circles

Assorted Thoughts - Joy Circles

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