WPMF2019 Speeches


World best speakers at WPMF2019

Dr. Hiroshi Tanaka, Japan

Ph.D (France) Founder of Project Management Association of Japan

Veikko Välilä, Finland

A Well known risk management guru


TKA Nair

Member of the Int’c Advisory Board JICA Japan & Former Adviser to the Prime Minister of India


Adesh Jain

Chairman i2P2M, Founder of WPMF

Oliver (Olli) Maeckel, Germany

Partner / Vice President - Siemens Management Consulting - Operations / Large Project Businesses


Shyam Giridharadas, USA

Adjunct Professor at George Washington University School of Business

Raphael Albergarias, Brazil

President IPMA Brasil


Laszalo Karolyi, Hungary

President & CEO, Legrand, Budapest

Gurdeep Singh

Chairman and Managing Director of NTPC Limited


Erling S. Andersen, Norway

Professor Emeritus of Project Management at BI Norwegian Business School