WPMF2019 Speeches

World best speakers at WPMF 2019

Dr. Hiroshi Tanaka, Japan

Ph.D (France) Founder of Project Management Association of Japan

Veikko Välilä, Finland

A Well known risk management guru


TKA Nair

Member of the Int’c Advisory Board JICA Japan & Former Adviser to the Prime Minister of India


Adesh Jain

Chairman i2P2M, Founder of WPMF

Oliver (Olli) Maeckel, Germany

Partner / Vice President - Siemens Management Consulting - Operations / Large Project Businesses


Shyam Giridharadas, USA

Adjunct Professor at George Washington University School of Business

Raphael Albergarias, Brazil

President IPMA Brasil


Laszalo Karolyi, Hungary

President & CEO, Legrand, Budapest

Gurdeep Singh

Chairman and Managing Director of NTPC Limited


Erling S. Andersen, Norway

Professor Emeritus of Project Management at BI Norwegian Business School


In 1992 Centre for Excellence in Project Management (CEPM) organised the 1st international Conference in Project Management in association with UNDP which laid the foundation for scientific project management in India

WPMF Meet on 18-19 December 2023, New Delhi, India