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We as individual signatories from across the world endorse the formation of a World Project Management Forum (WPMF) and its charter.

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For professionals from across the world to freely exchange ideas to address major concerns and solutions through best practices with emphasis on vision realisation, project delivery and benefit realisation. Today’s dynamic unpredictable and disruptive Volatile-Uncertain-Complex-Ambiguous (VUCA) world requires a global understanding and convergence of the cyberspace, the physical space and bio space given the context of fourth industrial revolution in thinking amongst stakeholders.

Vision Realisation

Broadly speaking Vision Realisation covers three aspects. The first aspect is project creation. This implies the front end of aligning stakeholders with governance and in-built transparency acting as a common denominator across the entire cycle of VR. This aspect plays a major role in realising the project’s visualised benefits.

Project Creation

Project Creation

In a generic sense, there are three broad aspects to Vision Realisation (VR). The rst aspect of VR is in project creation implying the front end of aligning stakeholders with governance and in-built transparency acting as a common denominator across the entire cycle of VR. Project creation is driven either in anticipation of, or due to, compulsions of change focussing on 'Why' and 'Why Not' aspects. This front end or macro aspects of project management i.e. project creation is the master key for success of vision realisation. Obviously, this phase of project creation has a major impact on achieving both tangible and intangible benets as initially visualised.

Project Delivery

Project Delivery

Is to meet the expectations out of the creation of a project. Expectations are multi-dimensional in nature covering parameters such as time, cost, quality, stakeholder satisfaction, least impact on environment and sustainability. The project delivery should become joyous instead of painful experience. Project delivery results in to operations.

Benefits Achieved

Benefits Achieved

Is the ultimate outcome of vision realisation. It is important to compare the visualised benefits to achieved benefits. The success of undertaking of a project or a set of projects would ultimately be based on how narrow is the difference visualised and achieved benefits. We need to be agile in understanding the unpredictable factors and in dynamically recalibrating the benefits visualised at the time of project creation.

27th Global Symposium is dedicated to the Inauguration of World Project Management Forum (WPMF) 2019

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In 1992 Centre for Excellence in Project Management (CEPM) organised the 1st international Conference in Project Management in association with UNDP which laid the foundation for scientific project management in India

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