Global Symposium 2019

In 1992, CEPM had taken the innovative and the challenging step of organizing India’s First International conference on Project Management on the theme “New Dimensions in Project Management”. This historic project management conference was organized in association with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and was supported by the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India. This laid the foundation for introducing scientific project management discipline in India.

In view of CEPM’s outstanding success in promoting project management, UNDP again associated with CEPM for their next two International conferences in 1993 and 1994.  Since then CEPM has been organizing a widely acclaimed International project management global symposium every single year. Since then CEPM has been organizing a widely attended, top-rated Global Symposium of Project Management every year.

The 27th Global Symposium 2019 was dedicated to the inaugural World Project Management Forum (WPMF) Meet and was very successfully held on the theme “Project Creation – aligning present to future possibilities” from 9th – 10th Dec 2019, in Hotel LeMeridien, New Delhi. This event organised by CEPM in association with the non-profit International Institute of Projects and Program Management (i2P2M) was a grand success. There were 600+ participants from 116 organisations and from 15 countries.  

The Symposium had the following 6 major streams:

  • Stream 1 Front end the master key in transforming vision to reality
  • Stream 2 New challenges, new projects, new solutions
  • Stream 3 Critical aspects of project creation
  • Stream 4 Project management – a strategic business imperative
  • Stream 5 Integrating present turmoil to sustainable future
  • Stream 6 Project formulation in the era of technological advancements

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