Project Management Knowledge Quotient (PMKQ™)

PMKQ is a unique offering of CEPM used to assess the project management knowledge of persons and is a breakthrough approach to organization development.

Knowledge is the single most key ingredient in managing complexities of 21st century. Like Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ) or Spiritual Quotient (SQ), PMKQTM measures the Knowledge Quotient in the field of project management. We must know where we are and understand the knowledge gaps before taking corrective measures.

CEPM urges companies across the globe to have PMKQ / PMKS based competency measurement exercise to fill up the knowledge gaps with planned HR strategic interventions

Project Management Knowledge Quotient (PMKQ<sup>TM</sup>)Project Management Knowledge Quotient (PMKQ) in conjunction with Project Management Knowledge Scan (PMKS) provides an in-depth assessment of the strengths and weaknesses covering 8 Project Life Cycle phases, 21 Knowledge Areas and 30 Project Management Concepts. This PMKQ test reports can be further broken down into 6 levels of classification. The reports can be generated at the following 6 levels:

Company as a Whole;   Regions;   Projects;   Functions;  Employee Working Levels;   Employee level

PMKQTM related reports can be customized for a Company.

PMKQExecutives and managers especially in projects often believe that they have adequate knowledge on the various contemporary concepts of project management and thus do not need to further upgrade their knowledge base. This attitude is generally difficult to prove and could be disastrous for the organization. PMKQ which has 48 questions is a small step in helping people and organizations to see where they stand, identify weak areas and realize the need for upgrading their knowledge base. The maximum marks for the entire 48 questions is 148. The knowledge is measured on a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being highest.

Sample Report on PMKQ Assessment

Report on PMKQTM Assessment of Global Company X
Report on PMKQTM Assessment of Global Company X Comparison of Overall PMKQTM Levels