Let us look at execution of activities with reference to X,Y and Z dimensions.

ACTIVITIES are performed with reference to TIME. We may call it Z and X dimensions as shown in the schematic. These activities are part of our business, project or social activities. Conventionally we keep performing similar activities over time with little thought in a robotic mode. But we are beyond robots and the differentiating factor is consciousness. I call this as AWARENESS. If we are fully aware of what we are doing every moment then the quality of our work will be extremely high.

The Awareness is in Y dimension. I have chosen this as Y dimension to link it with Potential Energy. Potential Energy is mass multiplied by gravity and then the height (PE=MxGxH).

We must discover our Potential Energy by being fully aware of what we are doing. Awareness will certainly not dilute the efforts or divide our attention as Awareness is inbuilt in our actions and we must discover it. Awareness increases our consciousness. 

Adesh Jain, Chairman, i2P2M