Linking Responsibility with Freedom

There is a direct relationship between RESPONSIBILITY and FREEDOM. There are ten possibilities or states linking the level of Responsibility fulfilled with that of the Freedom given.

In the schematic X axis represents Freedom and Y axis denotes Responsibility. We can divide Freedom and Responsibility into three levels i.e. Low (L), Medium (M) and High (H) giving rise to nine combinations.

A tenth possibility or combination (shown on the top right corner) is of Super Freedom combined with Super Responsibility giving rise to the outcome of Self Empowerment or Self Actualization. This is the ultimate state one can wish to be in. Great leaders worldwide always demonstrate their willingness to be in this highly desirable state. From a business perspective, entrepreneurs attempt to reach this ultimate stage. This 10th possibility does not mean having your own business. You can be working for an organisation and still you create your own leadership to be in this state.

The stability of the 9 possible States is shown by three different colours i.e. Stable (Green), Unstable (Yellow) and Very Unstable (Red). Our challenge is to be in the green state. All the three Green states are equal in their importance.

(Taken from the book ‘Assorted Thoughts on Project Management’ by Adesh Jain. The book was released on 6 December, 2014 by Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport , Highways and Shipping, Government of India. )

Adesh Jain – Chairman, i2P2M