Totality of Project Management (TPM)

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The TPM program is offered in three modes – 3 Day Hybrid online training with Faculty interaction followed by the 2.5 hour, online ISO/IEC 17024:2012 accredited Certificate In Project Management (CIPM) credential examination on the 4th day.

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Totality of Project Management (TPM) body of knowledge is most contemporary project management curriculum across 8 project life cycle phases from concept to commissioning. TPM has cutting edge Tools and Techniques used globally plus Soft skills that are essential for effective project delivery as well as topics such as Health, Safety and Environment and CSR with focus on the Indian work environment.

Over 17,500+ professionals from 650+ leading companies from public sector, private sector, central government and state government organisations have undergone the Totality in Project Management (TPM) programme. Persons from 26 countries have opted for this TPM course and acquired the leading ISO/IEC 17024:2012 accredited Certificate In Project Management (CIPM) credential.

India’s Think tank, NITI Aayog in their Task Force Report on Project and Program Management released in June 2019