CEPM’s Human Capital Management Maturity Assessment Model (CEPM-OHCMMA)

In today’s environment, people have moved away from limited knowledge and limited accessibility to unlimited knowledge and accessibility. This is a big change to comprehend.

Centre for Excellence in Project Management (CEPM) is in the forefront of project management since over two decades. Human Capital Management plays a major role in executing business strategies through projects.

CEPM has evolved a most comprehensive Human Capital Management Maturity Model (CEPM-OHCMMA) applicable to industry in general and in specific to CPSEs.

CEPM’s maturity model on HR maturity model is a breakthrough model in addressing and measuring the maturity of human aspects. It is applicable to industry in general and in specific to Indian CPSEs.

CEPM’s OHCMMA model is an improved assessment model than P-CMM which is primarily meant for software industry. We have carries out this assessment for companies such as HSCC.

Our OHCMMA model has 10 key attributes across 6 levels to measure the organisation’s HR maturity which are shown here.

Human Capital Management Assessment Attributes