This is a 1 day course on key concepts on the Totality of Project Management (TPM) body of knowledge which leads to the Project Management Essentials (CrtPME) credential. It provides an overview of key aspects of project management skills and knowledge with a good input about how to manage the project effectively.

It is a 1 day training program that covers a large number of topics of the most contemporary TPM course which has cutting edge tools and techniques used globally plus Soft skills essential for effective project delivery with focus on Indian work environment.

The CrtPME credential is a knowledge based credential and is awarded based on clearing an examination.
The CrtPME exam is independently conducted and administered by the International Institute of Projects and Program Management (i2P2M), which is a section 8 (non-profit) company.

i2P2M administers nine different PM credentials and it also offers the well known part time International Executive Diploma in Project Management (I/EDPM) in association with The George Washington University School of Business, Washington D.C., USA.

Need for Project Management

Project Management (PM) is the art and science of converting Vision into Reality and Abstract into Concrete. PM addresses the issues of change and transition through out the project life cycle starting from need awareness, initiation, planning, implementation, control and close out in a most effective manner.

Project management discipline has experienced an extraordinary growth in the last decade. Present day indicators show that this trend will continue for some time to come. Project management is carving out its appropriate place as a distinct discipline in its own right. For a discipline to be sustainable, it has to have its own Body of Knowledge, Research, Standards, Education System, Application Methodology and Certification/Qualification.


Ultimate in modern project management e-Learning methodology the objective of PM Step1 is to make the foundation of an individual strong in managing change. PM Step1 covers the entire cycle of managing a change from the stage of conceptualization to realization.

PM Step1 provides a common business language across an enterprise across all the levels of management and executives. It is equally applicable to graduate and undergraduate student community helping them to acquire basic knowledge in managing a project or change.


There are 3 distinct interconnected phases in the site.

Phase 1 Measures your PM Knowledge Quotient (PMKQ™) through 10 questions before the PMStep1 Course.
Phase 2 Imparts the knowledge component in a simple but effective and highly interactive mode to learn the intricacies of project management
Phase 3 Prepares you for the Basic and Advanced Certificates in PM.
Phase 4 Measures your PM Knowledge Quotient (PMKQ™) through 10 questions after the PMStep1 Course.

Behind PMStep1

In the field of project management, some of the best brains at a global level have been engaged in creating the architecture of the site as well as its contents. The Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) represent a very wide community covering academics, business leaders and PM Professionals.


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