CEPM is one of the leading organisations in the Asia-Pacific region in carrying out the applied research in the field of project management. In today’s environment, people have moved away from limited knowledge and limited accessibility to unlimited knowledge and accessibility. This is a big change to comprehend.

CEPM has developed three most comprehensive Maturity Models to assess organisations:

  • 6 Level Organisation’s Project Management Maturity Assessment Model (CEPM-OPMMA)
  • 6 Level Organisation’s Human Capital Management Maturity Assessment Model (CEPM-OHMMA)
  • 6 Level Organisation’s Risk Management Maturity Assessment Model (CEPM-ORMMA)

CEPM’s Organisation’s Project Management Maturity Assessment Model (CEPM-OPMMA)

In 1998-99, CEPM evolved a most unique and comprehensive state-of-the-art maturity model to assess and measure the Organisation’s Project Management Maturity Assessment Model (CEPM-OPMMA) during the training programs it conducted for BHEL across their various divisions. This model was developed  by the globally well known PM expert, Adesh Jain, who was then Director In-Charge of CEPM who had 30 years of industry experience having worked in North America and India.

CEPM has carried out this assessment for companies such as NBCC, Indian Port Rail Corporation (IPRCL), HSCC etc.

CEPM’s PM Maturity Model was developed keeping both global and Indian work scenario especially Indian CPSUs in focus and is more comprehensive than ProMMM.

The model has 6 levels and checks 18 separate attributes to assess the maturity and was further developed over the years.

The levels from lowest to highest are: ADHOC – RITUAL – COMPULSIVE – LEADERSHIP –  VISIONARY –  PASSION.

CEPM-OPMMA is most robust as it covers such as:

  • Organisation Culture;   Human Capital Aspect;  Knowledge and Skills; Experience; Application and Results; Continuous up-gradation

 The Model looks at the following 12 attributes:

Project Management Assessment Attributes


Showing assessment of some of the CEPM-OPMMA attributes

+2 Means
Means before Time or Large Savings in Cost or Highest level of Quality. Maximum Customer Joy.

+1 Means
Before Time or Savings in Cost or Desired Desired level of Quality or High Customer Joy.

0 Means
On Time or Within Cost or Desired Level of Quality or Right Level of Customer Joy.

-1 Means
Time Overrun or Cost Overrun or Below Standard of Quality or Zero Joy

-2 Means
Too Much Time Overrun or Too Much Cost Overrun or Bad Quality or Negative Customer Joy

Organisation project management maturity assessment

Organisation project management maturity assessment