Divison vs Integration

Project Leaders take full responsibility and empower the team members to fulfill their own responsibilities.

How much responsibility we take carves out our growth and ability to solve problems. In this respect, if we restrict our scope to few activities, it restrains our development. The more responsibilities we are willing to take and the more we confront new situations the more we can harness our full potential.

‘OR’ divides while ‘AND’ integrates.

We should not confuse the ‘OR’ and ‘AND’ logic functions with implementation of parts to integrate the whole. Successful leaders have always viewed the “Whole” as a part of “AND” logic and implemented the components bit by bit in an integrated manner using “OR” Logic.

AND must precede OR Function. We need to be at the balcony to have 20 : 20 vision and also to read finer details with reading glasses.

And helps us to Visualize the ‘Whole’ while ‘OR’ facilitates implementation of ‘Parts’ to be integrated into the ‘Whole’.

Adesh Jain, Chairman, i2P2M