July 25, 2022

30th Global Symposium 2022 & 4th World Project Management Forum (WPMF) Meet

December 31, 2019

Historic First World Project Management Forum (WPMF)

The historic First World Project Management Forum (WPMF) was concluded in New Delhi on December 10 with astounding success. 400 + participants across 120 institutions participated. […]
May 6, 2019

Merging General and Project Management to Delivery Management

Project Management is no longer a small part of General Management. It is now emerging as a distinct discipline. Ultimately it is delivery which counts. Delivery […]
May 1, 2019

Linking Responsibility with Freedom

There is a direct relationship between RESPONSIBILITY and FREEDOM. There are ten possibilities or states linking the level of Responsibility fulfilled with that of the Freedom […]
April 1, 2019


Let us look at execution of activities with reference to X,Y and Z dimensions. ACTIVITIES are performed with reference to TIME. We may call it Z […]
March 23, 2019

50% of Project Management is Risk Management

Projects are taken up to build the future and have many uncertainties. Risk is, therefore, at the center stage of managing projects. Risk management is 50% […]
February 28, 2019

Project Management performing teams are built by synergising E4

Every person in the world has a unique E4 – Education, Experience, Emotions and Expectations which impacts their interactions in society. Once we appreciate that each person has a different E4 we tend to become more humble and start appreciating other people. It […]
February 23, 2019

Project Management is all about integrating ‘Parts’ into ‘Whole’

Project Leaders take full responsibility and empower the team members to fulfill their own responsibilities. How much responsibility we take carves out our growth and ability […]
February 20, 2019

Decision Making – Why is it Tough?

In the schematic, the vertical line represents Time as on-date. We need to take a decision which will impact our future and we have three possibilities. […]
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