Business Integrity Guidelines

There is nothing more sustainable than the integrity and ethical working of a company. This becomes a part of company brand.

The following seven rules of business integrity will be applicable to all the employees of the company which includes promoters and directors.

CEPM is a division of Comtech International Software Manufacture (P) Ltd. (CISM) was incorporated in 1984 and CEPM as its division was formed in 1992.

CEPM is engaged in organising global and national symposiums and conferences, in-company and public seminars on the varied aspects of project and program management and consulting.


  1. No bribes shall be accepted or be made to secure any business
  2. No gifts from any contractor or all those who are having any business interest with us should be accepted except a token gift on occasion of Indian festivals not exceeding Rs. 2000 in value.
  3. As a company, we would be neutral in politics
  4. Any conflict of interest with the contractors of the company should be brought to the notice of the management.
  5. No contribution will be made by company to any political party except to charitable organisations.
  6. There will be complete transparency in keeping books and records.
  7. If any employee finds any one of his/her colleague engaged in activities which would undermine company’s prestige, the same should be brought to the notice of the management.


  1. One should be transparent and is free to express ones opinion without any hesitation
  2. One should maintain full personal integrity both in the financial and intellectual fronts

Issued by

Adesh Jain
Director, CEPM
Issued on
April 7, 1992