The Threats & Challenges

Project Mindset welcomes change and uncertainties. It deals with the dynamic adaptability of the mind to transform a dream into awakening or vision into reality. Project mindset is focused in improving the probability of controlling the future events as opposed to optimizing the present operations.

Project mindset creates the comfortable zones in uncomfortable encounters. It lays heavy emphasis both at individual and company levels to face new situations facilitating the amplification of the individual Experiential or Corporate Issue databases.

With the increasing global interconnectivity making Mind-to-Mind (M2M) almost instantaneous and increased quantum of uncertainties, it is forcing organizations and individuals to move away from the operation frame of mind to managing issues of unique in nature. This requires a total transformation in the mind’s operating space. Leveraging of knowledge and experiential learning of individuals is becoming the single most important critical successful factors for corporations.

Project mindset provides enormous opportunities in the 21st century by cooperating and competing in handling new encounters. It would leave those people and companies behind who refuse to realize the imperatives of this new world order of risks all around us. These are the people who would oppose with tooth and nail the establishment of new order, as they would gain by preserving the old one. This threat is the biggest in establishing project mindset. We need to fail many times and learn from each one of these failures to finally succeed. Failing in this new project mindset is as important as succeeding as long as failing is the outcome of a well planed strategy. Project mindset provides organizations opportunities to discover the new horizons FIRST, as they believe in discontinuity as a matter of fact.

The present century is meant for those who nurture the project mindset to seize the opportunities with proper handling of threats.

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